Exfoliating Foot Peel Treatments Review

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Discover the Exfoliating Foot Peel treatment

If you want softer, smoother feet, you’ll love what the Silken Soles Exfoliating Foot Peel has to offer.

Unlike dry treatments such as hard skin removers, the socks used by the Silken to soak the feet, provide a gentle longer treatment. Great for those who find hard skin removers abrasive or painful on the feet.

This popular, and highly-rated foot peel product is a proven winner. Today, we’d like to talk about what the Silken Soles has to  offer  those who want more attractive feet, as well as a reduction in hard skin.

Are there any concerns about foot peel treatments?

Chemical foot peel treatments are considered safe if used correctly. Much like any treatment. It should not be used by diabetics or people with neuropathy.

If in doubt, you should always get the advice of a fully qualified foot health professional. A GP, Physician or Podiatrist will let you know.

What are foot peels?

Foot peels work by immersing the feet in a solution that works to breakdown the dead excess skin on the feet.

These products are designed to help those who want to expose their feet in shoes which are more revealing. Open fronted heels and flip flops are a couple.

They’re also perfect for those who enjoy going barefoot. When you choose either the baby feet or the Silken soles, you’ll find that you access superb exfoliation results in just five to seven days! It’s easy to use, it’s scented with soothing, fragrant lavender and it will deliver spa-quality peeling via the soaking of dry, cracked and roughened foot skin.

If your feet don’t look or feel their best due to dead skin and calluses, you’ll find that this exciting and functional product makes all of the difference in the world.

You’ll receive a couple of pairs of “soaking socks”, so you’ll be able to do a second round of exfoliation if it’s needed.

This powerful foot peel system helps even the driest, roughest feet to become baby smooth and baby soft!

A word of caution though. This does appear to be quite an extreme treatment to some. Rest assured It’s also very safe, although it shouldn’t be used on feet with cuts and/or feet which are bleeding.

How do you use it?

The method is simple, but has to be followed to provide an effective treatment.

First, soak both feet in water which is warm, rather than hot. Then, dry each foot with a clean towel. After these steps are complete, cut the tops of the booties off in order to ensure great fit. Next, put each bootie on each foot and then seal the booties with tape. The tape is included.

After you’re done, put typical socks on over the tops to make sure that the booties lie very close to the skin. Once the booties have been worn for a couple of hours, take them off and then rinse your feet and dry them.

For best results, soak your feet each day for about ten minutes. You may do this in the shower. The skin will begin to peel off on its own.

Try Silken Soles Exfoliating Foot Peel Today

Check out this video for the baby foot peel system, this is very similar to the Silken product.

Top tips for a great foot peel

  • Only use if you have thick hard skin
  • Always use as directed on the instructions
  • Trim don’t pull off loose skin
  • Moisturize

Check out this video for more information.

You deserve the very best in foot care. This product works well for almost everyone and that’s why it’s such a strong seller. Also, it’s simple to use and affordable. Since it is a high-quality product which lives up to the marketing hype, we recommend it fully. With this in mind, why not try it today?