Pro 11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles Review

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On September 1, 2016
Last modified:February 21, 2017


By far the best selling orthotic insoles on Amazon, the Pro 11's are a well made, fully supportive pair of insoles.

It is estimated that roughly 4-7% of people at any given time are experiencing the pains associated with plantar fasciitis. Uncomfortable, debilitating, and limiting, plantar fasciitis is one of many different problems that occur to our feet and ankles. What helps to provide support and relief for all of these conditions are well made orthotic insoles. Helping you find a pair of orthotic insoles that you can trust to remove the pain, we review the Pro 11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles to see whether or not they are worth your time, money, and consideration. Let’s begin!

Pro11 Wellbeing Background

The designers of the Orthotic Insoles are the Pro 11 Wellbeing Company. Selling countless products online designed for foot protection and wellbeing, Pro11 Wellbeing has all around fantastic reviews. A company dedicated towards providing a range of supportive footwear, Pro 11 Wellbeing has proven through previous products that they are a trusted name when it comes to orthopedics. Do the Pro 11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles stand up to the reputation of the company or do they leave something to be desired?

What do the The Pro 11 Wellbeing Insoles look like?

Green on the exterior and blue on the interior, the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles are sleek, simple, and professional looking. Contoured to improve the function of the foot and to eliminate pain by slightly changing how we walk, the insoles meet the NHS ideal for plantar fasciitis relief. This is done through how the insoles support and re-align over pronating feet. These orthotic insoles with full-length arch support incorporate metatarsal and heal cushions, making them ideal for a wide range of issues.

So, what kind of issues in particular have the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles been shown to work well with? As we mentioned before, Pro 11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles are great for plantar fasciitis treatment. In addition, the full length with arch supports built into these orthotic insoles make them great for lower back problems, knee pain, arching legs, metatarsalgia, neuroma, Morton’s neuroma, ankle pain, shin splints, flat feet, and painful arches. In addition to all of these and more, the Pro 11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles aid the 1 out of 10 people who will experience heel spurs as well. Practical, functional, and remarkably inexpensive, the insoles manage to speak for themselves.

Summary of the Pro11’s

The Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles are suited for walking and running. They are lightweight, flexible, and arrive quickly. They come in an incredible range of sizes that will meet the needs of the vast majority of people. The fit as expected is 85%. The overall rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

What Do People Think of the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles?

The majority of people who purchase the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles like them. Along with quick shipping, the inexpensive orthotics fit the majority of people quite well. The biggest compliment that can be given to these insoles are that they work as advertised for the vast majority of people. The metatarsal and heel cushion provides relief for everything from shin splints to being a solution for plantar fasciitis treatment. The insoles can even be trimmed with scissors to fit into shoes that may be a little too big. While there are high ratings, there are a few complaints that mostly have to do with the insoles falling apart through sustained heavy use or issues with sizing.

Pros of the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles

• Quite inexpensive
• Ships quickly
• Works as advertised, providing relief fort he majority of individuals
• Can be cut and shaped with scissors for shoes that are smaller
• Fantastic for lighter usage

Cons of the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles

• 15% of people will not have the orthotics fit as expected and will either have to replace them or return them
• Some minor issues with quality control regarding parts of the insoles becoming detached from one another
• Not the best option for sustained, heavy-duty usage
• Again, carefully choose the right sizing before purchase

Where Does This Leave Us?

Barring some minor issues, the Pro11 Wellbeing Orthotic Insoles are well worth your consideration as they have provided relief above and beyond what many were looking for. Full length with arch supports, these orthotic insoles provide cushion for plantar fasciitis treatment as well as a range of other issues. For relatively little, you can see whether or not these orthotic insoles work for you.

Orthotic insoles Full length with arch supports, metatarsal and heel Cushion for plantar fasciitis treatment (4.5-6)