Scholl Express Pedi Review

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On June 26, 2014
Last modified:February 21, 2017


The Scholl Express Pedi is one of the most recognisable electric hard skin removers on the market. Strong, well produced and a great battery life make the express pedi a good choice.

One of the world’s leading brands Scholl introduces an effortless way of making your feet look elegant and healthy just in a jiffy. Don’t have time for frequent pedicure sessions? Want an easy quick solution to all your foot problems? Scholl Express Pedi is the magic bullet for you.

The electric hard skin remover has undergone independent testing before being approved for both professional and personal use. Along with a good quality foot cream and regular foot care routine the Scholl makes a great addition Let us have a look at the product in detail.


  • The rotating electrical hard skin remover gently buffs away all the hard skin, making your feet silky soft and comfortable just in few minutes.
  • You just have to clean and dry your feet, and then apply the device using moderate pressure. A few strokes and then rub the feet with damp towel.
  • In built safety stop- assures that you don’t exert excessive pressure and saves your skin from unwanted abrasions.
  • One easy step operation and feet look as if you’ve got a professional pedicure treatment.
  • The product makes use of micro granules instead of blades which makes it extremely safe for use.
  • It can be used both at home and for professional purpose as well and is way superior to all the other products of its type.
  • It’s quick and easy.
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient, nifty and compact design that fits in your hand
  • Replaceable roller so if its worn out the whole unit isn’t wasted.
  • Safety switch and guard works as a child protection feature.
  • Cost effective
  • 2 year guarantee


  • Batteries are not rechargeable. Once used , need to be replaced
  • The device needs to be cleaned with a brush because of dead cell accumulation
  • No cleaning tool included in the package.
  • While still in use, the cell debris and exfoliated skin makes the entire procedure a bit messy.

What’s in the box?

  • One Scholl Express Pedi
  • One roller
  • 2 AA Batteries

How well does the Scholl Express Pedi remove the hard skin?

Scholl Express Pedi has been especially designed to remove the hard skin of feet that builds up over the time because of the pressure it bears day in, day out. Be it because of ill-fitting shoes, high heels or prolonged standing, Scholl Express Pedi electric hard skin remover takes care of all and lets you put your foot forward with confidence. With its advanced micro rollers technology it gets rid of all the hard skin and fixes cracked heels in a split second. Its integral safety stop does not let the user exert pressure beyond a certain point while still managing to pulverize unwanted dead cells that make you uncomfortable. 90% of the users have found the product to be very useful and efficient and have completely abandoned the frequent costly foot treatment for the purpose. Simply roll the hard skin remover across the affected area applying moderate pressure and see its amazing results. If you have really hard skin then it may take a few attempts before you get rid of the thick yellowish oval stubborn bits of hard skin

How long does the roller last?

Depending on the frequency of use and the size of the affected area, rollers need to be changed once you feel that they are not functioning efficiently.

So if it’s taking you longer than before to achieve the desired result then it’s time to switch to a new roller.

Tips for getting the best from your electric hard skin remover

If you want the best from your Express Pedi hard skin remover make sure you take care of a few things;

  • Make sure your feet are clean and dry before application
  • Keep moving the roller on the areas where thicker layer of hard skin is present
  • Avoid using for longer than 20 minutes at a time
  • For dry feet, if a foot cream is used after hard skin removal, it gives a great finishing touch.

How is it different to the  velvet smooth?

Velvet smooth is a battery operated electronic foot file that gets rid of the unwanted hard skin at a faster speed than Scholl Express Pedi. Where Express Pedi can be repeatedly used on the affected skin till it gets smooth for as long as 20 minutes, velvet smooth is not rolled for more than 3-4 seconds on the same spot. Express Pedi makes use of roller with micro granules embedded in it for hard skin removal that has to be replaced with a new one once it’s worn out but velvet smooth has an especially designed micralumina roller which the device spins at high speed to buff away the hard skin and get rid of tough lifeless skin and can be washed and replaced when it stops producing the desired result.

Our Take

Super fast, pain-free and extremely effective callus remover, Scholl Express Pedi saves you from the hassle of frequent pedicure sessions and gives you soft silky feet in no time. If you’re a busy person or someone who’s always on a go then this product is going to be a brilliant choice for you. Scholl express Pedi with its advanced micro rollers fixes cracked heels, leaving behind smooth skin without any soreness. It is strongly recommended by its users for anyone with hard skin problems.

Say no to pumice stones, graters, and all other foot softening home remedies, and try Scholl Express Pedi electric hard skin remover and see your hard skin blowing away like fine powder. Bearing in mind the high quality and excellent performance the product offers, the price is quite reasonable. In a nutshell the device is definitely going to impress you with its packaging, compact and nifty design, exceptional performance, ease of handling and use, and above all its results. You might find it an expensive gadget to have at first, but the product is totally worth it. No pain, no burns, no soreness, only soft silky feet with just a single touch.