Electric vs Manual Hard Skin Removers

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It’s a long standing debate: Electric vs manual foot filing. Especially if you’re new to removing your own hard skin, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Each has its own pros and cons . Of course, like with all foot management decisions, a lot of it is just personal preference. We have a preference too. Like most people, we have busy lives and can see the convenience in an electric hard skin remover over the more traditional manual foot filing. Especially if you can’t afford to see a private podiatrist. But hey: everyone’s feet (and life) is different, so it’s definitely worth experimenting with both to see which is right for you. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we consolidated the essential information into this sweet infographic.

Quick Note on Foot Skin

I’ll cut to the chase here. There aren’t many people who like tackling their own feet let alone the dead skin that will be generated if you decide to remove your own built up hard skin. If you do choose to give your feet a good scrub then be aware that it can generate quite a lot of dust, especially in the summer months. It may be a good idea to wear a dust mask or better still go along and see a professional podiatrist to get the job done for you.

The Advantages of Foot Files

Foot files, debriders, sanders wands as they are also known are a paddle like device with sandpaper attached to one or both sides. Rubbed back and forth along the feet they are used for removing hard skin(int link) from the feet and toes. Foot files are a cost effective way to tackle hard skin or callus as it’s otherwise known. Files give you a great deal of control over how you file your feet and the pleasure or discomfort it can bring can vary. Some people hate it others find it quite relaxing. Different foot files come in various shapes and sizes with varying levels of coarseness to the grit that each type uses. using a foot file can take a bit of getting used to as there is an element of bending towards the feet which can be difficult for some.

One of the biggest advantages of foot files is the cost. With some types of cheap construction only costing a few dollars (or pounds). They are very cost effective on comparison to electric hard skin removers or a visit to the podiatrist. Obviously the cheaper you buy the more often you may have to replace it but if your hard skin isn’t that troublesome then this can be the most cost effective option. Finally, using a foot file yourself is a great part of an effective foot care routine. Once you have taken into consideration cost saving, technique and controlling the dust you can see there are advantages in using a manual foot file.

Types of Foot Files

There are many different foot files on the market of varying size, shape and material. They perform quite a bit differently, and it’s mostly about preference.

  • Metal Files. are made from (you guessed it) metal, usually stainless steel which is hard wearing durable and resistant to rusting. Additionally, because of the electroplating process. Generally, metal files are more durable than wooden or plastic which can wear quicker and can be washed easier.
  • Wooden Files. Shaped like a small paddle, wooden files are perfect for people looking for a natural sustainable foot file. The grit is usually applied with a fine grit sandpaper glued to the file.
  • Plastic Files. Usually the most cost effective option. Plastic files are one of the most common types available. Due to the infinite amount of shapes that plastic can be moulded plastic files can come in some weird and usually foot shaped varieties. Like wooden files the grit is usually glued to the upper part of the file.

If you’re in the market for a good quality foot file, here are some great options:

Advantages of Electric Hard Skin Removers

Electric or battery operated, hard skin removers are basically like shavers that men and women use to remove body hair. They use coarse pads or rollers that rotate to remove the hard skin So, it stands to reason that electric hard skin removers are a lot more convenient than manual foot filing. They can save a lot of time and manual effort.

Types of electric Hard Skin Removers

There are three basic types of foot shavers(ext link wiki) Hard skin removers with rollers. , with pads and shaving gel. Like manual foot files, each type has pros and cons, so if you want to use an electric hard skin remover, you may need to try a couple different products to see which you like best, or check out our comparison chart.

If you’d like to try a good quality electric hard skin remover, here are a few of our favorites:

In Summary

So what’s the answer to the old “Foot File vs Electric Hard Skin Removers? Well, you should try everything to see what’s right for your feet and lifestyle. For our part, we really prefer a good quality electric over manual filing. It’s just a lot quicker and easier. More importantly less effort. Or you could always pop along and see your local friendly Podiatrist and get them to do it for you.