What’s The Best Foot Spa?

The best foot spa is a controversial topic! These hot tubs for your feet vary in size, build quality and features. What may be popular at the lower price category might not have some of the more popular features at the top end of the market. It all comes down to what you want out of your foot spa. There are a large range of foot spas available. Size seems to be the most important feature. They can get rather large, especially if there are additional water jets and massage rollers. The deeper the water container the less likely there is to be spillage. The weight of an average foot spa can easily be over 2 kg and even more with water … [Read more...]

Beurer FB25 Footspa with Magnetic Field Therapy Review

Our feet bear the brunt of everything. When you are feeling satisfied and happy after a long day exploring and experiencing, your feet are not quite so joyous, having trampled over uneven pavements and held you up in the bustling crowds. Your feet deserve to be pampered and given some tender loving care after all they do for you, especially if you have hard skin. Going to a  salon or paying for the services of a podiatrist can be expensive. This where foot spa’s come in to the equation. If you want to learn more about the best foot spas check out our previous article. A foot spa can give your feet the relaxation that they desperately need, … [Read more...]

Fish Pedicure Everything you May or May not Want to Know

The fish pedicure, or fish spa, is a unique spa treatment that uses fish to help eliminate dry, dead, flaky skin on the feet. While it might seem a bit weird and offbeat, there are people who swear by fish manicures. The fish have been used for years in Turkey to help patients with psoriasis. Whether it works or is worth the money is up for debate. While spa owners tout the fish's’ ability to create soft feet, the medical community has its doubts. Here’s the lowdown on fish pedicures so you can decide for yourself. Just What is a Fish Pedicure? A fish pedicure uses the same foot bath as a traditional sap pedicure. The difference … [Read more...]

What Makes The Best Foot Spa?

Your feet are probably one of the most neglected parts of your body. They hold you up while you wait in line. They support you while you walk. Your feet take you where you want to go. If you want to treat your feet well, then a foot spa is a wise investment. Foot spas are based on the complementary therapy known as reflexology*. Reflexology uses pressure points in the foot to relieve stress throughout the body. Not only do the foot spas make your feet feel good, they can help alleviate stress throughout your body. As part of a good foot care routine, bath scrub and moisturize. If you're looking to find the best foot spa, click … [Read more...]